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7 Tips for making a Faux Jade Polymer Clay Slab

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

I recently shared how I create the polymer clay slab for my emerald-colored earrings. I received a comment that they looked like jade and I totally agree!

Here are a few tips to supplement my Instagram Reel. I've also shared a list of the supplies that I used to make the slab. (*Some of them are affiliate links.)

Use these supplies or experiment with different translucent clay, inks, and mica powders!


Corn Starch


Clay cutters of your Choice

Ceramic Tiles to work on and bake on (Available at a hardware store. I purchased mine from Home Depot.)


  1. Translucent clay may not bake to the color you expect. Do a small sample before committing to the entire bar of clay.

  2. Vary the size of the pieces you cut. This will improve the composition of the final pieces.

  3. Use corn starch to keep the cut pieces of clay apart from one another. This will help when you apply the mica powder or alcohol ink and ensure that the small pieces are coated.

  4. Allow the alcohol ink to dry for about 30 minutes. Spread out the clay pieces to allow drying.

  5. After smooshing all the pieces back together, wipe the outside of the final clay cane with a baby wipe or tissue moistened with alcohol This will help the cane slices stick together better.

  6. Use a base layer of clay for added strength. (I started with a slab of the translucent clay rolled to about 2mm in thickness and then applies the cane slices.)

  7. Use depth guides to roll the slab done to an even 3mm, then use a pasta machine to roll down the slab to the desired depth.

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